Verticals: Associations and NPOs

Your non-profit organisation. Our ERP system.

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) and associations face a variety of administrative tasks that ideally interconnect as best as possible. They usually do not aim to generate profits, but instead serve socially recognized goals in the fields of social, cultural, or scientific matters. 


NPOs especially need the trust of their members in the stated objective and their proper actions. This can be supported IT-wise by professional management of all relevant data and processes, meeting high data protection requirements. In this way, non-profit organizations can create a positive public image and be considered trustworthy by potential members and donors. Thanks to cloud-based solutions, associations can reduce IT costs, simplify administration, and collaborate from any location at any time on their mission.



Our experts for NPOs and associations.

Data Dynamic AG has created added value for NPOs and associations with various modules based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. These modules enable the optimal management of members, addresses, donations, and courses, all coordinated with each other. Well-known NPOs such as The Salvation Army Switzerland or the Swiss Red Cross already use these solutions and benefit from optimal management of their administrative processes.