Solutions: ERP systems for hospitals and clinics

dynamicMED. The ERP system for efficient health management.

With dynamicMED, we offer you a fully hospital-oriented ERP system, so that you can provide your patients with the best possible care based on the most accurate data and highly optimised processes. 


Precision is key in the entire healthcare industry, from patient admission and legally compliant management of sensitive data to treatment with the right medications and checking for interactions, to electronic data exchange with other providers.

Future-proof through parameterisation and automation.

All administrative processes are largely automated with dynamicMED and support you in the digital transformation in healthcare. The seamless integration of the individual departments in the complex structure of a hospital is particularly important. 


dynamicMED is based on the ERP system Dynamics Business Central by Microsoft and provides a comprehensive solution for all administrative processes in the hospital and clinical environment on this future-proof technological platform. So, you can efficiently and optimally care for your patients in the future as well.

Like a Swiss Army knife.

Due to its modular design, dynamicMED can be used flexibly. All available modules, such as for financial management, patient administration, and facility management, are offered as a fully integrated software solution and can be introduced time- and cost-effectively thanks to the many years of experience of Data Dynamic AG. 


The specialties in the Swiss hospital market, such as the coding workstation for hospital services compensation (SwissDRG), REKOLE® certification, accounting according to Swiss GGAP/FER, Swissdec-certified payroll, and all relevant interface standards for both patients and suppliers, are of course part of the range of services offered by dynamicMED.

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