Solutions: ERP systems for NPOS & associations

dynamic. The ERP system for your non-profit organisation.

In order to provide the best possible IT support for the specific features of non-profit organisations and associations, modules are needed that go beyond a "normal" ERP system. 


Especially the management and integration of sensitive data requires a special depth of functionality. For every non-profit organization, the members and their engagement in terms of participation in courses or donations are at the centre of attention. 

Address your members in the best possible way.

A clean preparation of address data, avoiding duplicates, and scheduling upcoming actions are part of a personal and target group-specific approach. A detailed history of previous activities such as donations and course participation is of particular importance for good selection results that have a significant impact on the success of new campaigns. 


Which topics are members interested in? Which courses were taken with which lecturer? Are prerequisite courses or the creation of IDs or certificates to be considered? How does smooth communication take place between participants, lecturers, and venues? Our ERP system provides you answers to these questions at a glance.

Use the module palette for NPOs and associations on the latest technology.

Data Dynamic AG offers you a comprehensive ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with the modules dynamicADDRESS, dynamicFUND, dynamicKURS, and dynamicMEMBER. Thanks to the integrated financial accounting and CRM component, you always have a correct overview of donation funds, calls, acknowledgements, and new campaigns. This allows you to answer all relevant questions as best as possible and set the technological course for the future of your organization. We enable you to organize your administrative processes efficiently and digitally, from which your members ultimately benefit.

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