Good reasons
to join us.

We live New Work.

Our way of working and our work culture encourage cooperation and networking. We eschew rigid structures – favouring instead agile working methods and leeway for our own decisions. 

New Work is not just a buzzword for us, it is a reality that we live. This also means: we aim to keep growing and developing. That is why we look forward to fresh impetus and ideas from new colleagues – so we never stand still as an employer. The best culture is one that is shaped by everyone and not simply imposed. Both the experienced leader and the junior software developer benefit from this. 

We offer a lot.

Take advantage of the combined power and exquisite IT portfolio of our Group. Whether as a software developer in Hamburg, Flensburg, Kiel or further south in places like Bern or Granada: we give you the chance to work at eight European locations – with the option of moving around between them. 

Keyword: fluid working. But of course the advantages do not end there. Depending on which subsidiary (or perhaps collana IT GmbH itself?) you choose – state-of-the-art benefits and motivated teams await you.

We can do a lot.

collana IT analyses, structures, visualises, programmes and automates. We inspire, design and develop. These are the ideal conditions for realising exciting projects as a software developer – and living out your career dreams. 

Thanks to our large pool of experts in all areas of IT, you too can learn a lot. Because we are sure of one thing: knowledge can only be accumulated if we actually share it. We want to ensure this through constant exchange between our teams. What expertise can you share?

We are ambitious.

As specialists in the field of digital transformation, we make companies and organisations fit for the future – and have already done so in many sectors and industries. But we are still hungry! 

collana IT has a clear vision to continue growing, to add more subsidiaries to the Group and to eventually be able to offer the best solution for every type of IT project. We are already well on the way. Support us as a software developer or in other roles!

We support each other.

Our know-how is intertwined. This underpins our cohesion and reinforces a “we” feeling in the Group. We offer many opportunities for networking and professional exchange. 

This is where our eight locations come into play: all doors are open to you – of course only if you wish – so you can take inspiration from the atmosphere elsewhere and immerse yourself in new product worlds. This means you could start out at MAC as a software developer in Hamburg and then discover the working environment at Neolution in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. It is important to us that we all benefit from each other and have an open ear for each other when questions and challenges arise. What was it the Three Musketeers were always saying? One for all and all for one!

We are moving things along.

Real progress comes from working together in partnership. With the diversity of our ideas and our spirit of discovery, we move people and shape the future. 

You feel that here every day. At every location. Our Group develops the solutions that entire industries – from e-commerce to health care – rely on to ensure their economic success. That is our purpose. That is what drives us. If you want to make a difference as a software developer, you have come to the right place. 

More good reasons for your career
in the collana IT group.

We are a great place to work. We do a lot to make you feel comfortable with us. We offer you exactly the conditions you need - and a little bit more. There are even more good reasons why you should work for the collana IT group.

Flexible working in all phases of life

The unique needs of all employees are important to us. That is why we offer individual working time models – work part-time, with flexitime or in a home office.

Health care

The health of our teams is our top priority. That is why we support our staff through diverse health offers.

Company pension scheme

We think ahead, which is very reassuring. Good contracts make the pensions we offer a safe bet all round.

Further education and training

Are you looking for personal development and career progression? This is not only possible, it is absolutely desirable and we encourage it in various ways.

Challenging and exciting projects

Are you ready for the challenge? We are looking for smart minds who can master complex tasks in a wide range of areas with a sense of fun and creativity. Work is guaranteed never to be boring with us!

Individual career opportunities

Our career paths are as individual as our colleagues. From working student to director? We have witnessed such success before.

Flexible choice of workplace

Whether at one of our offices across Europe or at home: with us you work in the way that suits you best.

Corporate events, parties and celebrations

We love success – and know how to celebrate it! Our regular parties and events are legendary. We look forward to you joining us soon. 

6 companies; 8 locations; endless possibilities. With us, you have the choice between work locations that could not be more different: From sunny Granada in Spain to idyllic Pfäffikon in Switzerland to Flensburg in the far north of Germany. Working where others go on holiday? Definitely possible with us!