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The best possible care for patients - that's how passionate healthcare providers describe the primary goal of their daily work. However, to meet this goal in a clinical setting, business-related topics such as cost reduction in the administrative area and the optimization of necessary processes must form the basis. Another important aspect in healthcare is the processing of sensitive patient data. To prioritize a hospital's ability to care for patients, we bring in our leading healthcare business units. 


Our high-quality overall solution dynamicMED supports you in managing sensitive patient and medication data, including interaction checks for drug interactions, and helps with the implementation of legal and insurance requirements with parameterizable rule sets. Whether you are a small clinic or a multi-tenant hospital network, we enable you to work more efficiently and maintain a complete overview of all administrative topics down to financial accounting.



Our healthcare experts.

With its dynamicMED solution, Data Dynamic AG has achieved a leading position in ERP systems for the Swiss healthcare sector in recent years. Sensitive data and all relevant technical terms such as case cost accounting according to REKOLE®, physician fee billing, and integrated hospindex are part of daily language.

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