Solutions: Internet of Things

easySensorics M2M, IoT. The intelligent solution for networking and process automation

Internet of Things and machine-to-machine solutions are among the most important technology trends in recent years. By connecting devices to the internet, seamless communication between people, processes and objects is made possible. In this connected world, digital systems can record, monitor and adjust every interaction between connected objects. The physical and digital worlds work together in optimal harmony. When used correctly, this can provide significant competitive advantages and massive customer retention in B2B or B2C markets.

Your challenge. Our solution.

With our Swiss1mobile easySensorics M2M, IoT solution, we can provide support for individual challenges, intelligently capture data, classify and enrich data in order to 
optimise processes.


Do you want to monitor the cold chain of your goods to be delivered or protect your construction machinery against theft? The possible uses of M2M and IoT are almost limitless. With our solutions, important data is collected by intelligent sensors and immediately transmitted to the control center cockpit portal, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This communication enables timely intervention and reduces your operating costs.

Your reliable partner.

Leverage the potential, experience and implementation power of Swiss1mobile in the M2M, IoT and Industry 4.0 sectors. We find solutions that move you. easySensorics M2M, IoT is open to individual use cases and applicable in all industries.


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