The Group: Buy and Build Strategie

Join us! New pearls welcome

We know how companies are successfully managed and established. With our buy and build strategy, we aim to build our Group of IT service providers, all working together to create more value for their customers.


In doing so, our companies operate independently and the expertise remains local. The return participation of the previous owners leads to continuity in the course of business and is a sign of cooperation in a spirit of partnership.

Our investment focus.

The brilliance of the best companies is bundled in collana IT GmbH to create a home for cross-industry IT intelligence. We are looking for high-growth and profitable B2B IT companies in German-speaking countries. For us, this includes ERP, CRM, business apps, BI, modern workplace and Cloud solutions.


Technologically, we are open to many options that complement the group. Fair dealings with employees, customers and partners, established management structures and good customer relations are important to us.

Our collaboration.

After a company becomes part of the group, everything initially remains largely unchanged: Our investments are healthy companies before the takeover – that is why we like to watch the team on site for a few months and get to know the business better.


Transparency, a clear organisation and leadership at eye level bring us together. As sparring partners, we regularly exchange ideas and work together on a trusting, goal-oriented basis. The focus here is on active know-how transfer and meaningful synergies.

We want to grow.

We are convinced that as part of a group we can grow together sustainably – both inorganically and organically. To ensure this, we use the strengths of the individual companies and – as a partner for corporate growth – further develop the group as a whole and the companies individually. This allow us to further strengthen and expand a solid foundation over the long term.

Interested? Maria-Sara Kock is your contact person and looks forward to hearing from you.

“At collana, we are successfully boosting the long-term value of the company from within the community. This collaboration combines respect for local expertise based on operational autonomy with the targeted identification of meaningful synergies – to the benefit of every single pearl in our Group.”


Dirk Wieland