The Group

We connect the pearls of IT.

The collana IT Group unites companies in the DACH region that stand for competence and excellence. The focus is on the digitalisation and automation of business processes – especially in the areas of ERP, business apps, data analytics, BI and cloud solutions. 

Each company is a successful and experienced expert in its field. Together we can create real innovation and enable our clients to realise their full potential.

Interlocking expertise.

Our Group structure is designed around the transfer of knowledge and ideas based on networking and the interaction of our specialists. We do not view the special skills of our pearls separately from each other – we see them rather as networked building blocks whose goal is a mix of optimal performance and smooth user experience.


As a Group, we pull together with the aim of perfectly supporting our clients and their business models. This ensures that crucial extra know-how is available in all projects. 


Mutual trust and generating long-term added value are the guiding principles underpinning our Group culture. A passion for the best solution drives us. Our deep pool of experts enables us to draw on our unique qualities and inspire each other.

Our values make us strong.

We stand for creative pluralism. Our diversity makes us strong. The Group is like a colourful bouquet of flowers – each company blooms on its own, but together they form a perfect ensemble. A combination of various special disciplines and sound industry know-how is what makes us unique.

We do not make empty promises. That is why we only promise what we can actually turn into reality. Such an approach establishes trust among our clients and leads to long-term partnerships. We cultivate an appreciative relationship with each other – with the aim of working with people and for people in an approachable manner. 

We also go the extra mile to develop bespoke solutions for our clients. We are committed to high quality standards, future-proof technologies, and excellent methodological and process competence. Both the collana pearls and our clients benefit from the resulting synergies. 

Our customers can rely on our foresight in identifying future developments and trends. Our technological leadership and the industry knowledge of all our pearls guarantee that our customers can operate their business in a future-proof manner. In doing so, we always think at least one step ahead – positioning ourselves to offer the technology of the future as quickly as possible in a form that is ready for the market.

Enabling future IT.

In close collaboration with our clients, we develop strategies and digital infrastructures that make companies and organisations fit for the future and even more successful. As trustworthy specialists, we accompany our clients securely on their path towards sustainable corporate development.

Our Group members

With around 250 employees, the collana IT Group bundles cross-industry IT excellence in German-speaking countries. Our companies are often market leaders and highly specialised in their fields of expertise. Learn more about the individual Group members and their individual strengths.

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Our Team

IT is our passion – combined with unconditional quality. We work together with you on the best and most innovative solutions for your business model – accompanying you safely on the path of digital transformation. Get to know the team and learn more about our motivation.


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Join us!

We are looking for fast-growing and profitable B2B IT companies in the DACH region to expand the Group in a meaningful way. Fair dealings with employees, customers and partners, established management structures and good customer relations are important to us. Read more about our buy and build strategy.

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