Solutions: ERP system for e-commerce

DiVA. The ERP system for successful e-commerce.

For retailers in e-commerce and omni-channel, precisely coordinated business processes are important to be prepared for the future and ready for growth.

A clean and smoothly operating backend system is the foundation of business success and a functioning merchandise management system. 

All processes, one ERP solution: DiVA.

Behind every online order there is a multitude of processes which you as a retailer must handle: invoicing, payment, transmission of the order to the warehouse, and the warehouse logistics itself. In addition, there are the management of customer data, the integration of stores, and successful customer service. 


DiVA from our pearl MAC IT-Solutions has been in use for many renowned e-commerce retailers for decades - and with resounding success. DiVA achieves what hardly any other ERP software can do: unite all business processes in one software. This is done through individual modules that are perfectly coordinated and highly automated. 

The possibilities: almost unlimited.

With Microsoft, MAC has a powerful partner at its side for DiVA, which has always provided the technological basis for this successful ERP system. This basis consists of either the proven Microsoft Dynamics NAV or the promising Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With DiVA, you are well prepared for constantly changing market conditions and all technical trends. 


Operating DiVA is not complicated and works exactly as you want it to. You can use DiVA on your own servers, have it hosted by MAC, or run it cloud-based on Microsoft Azure. The latter is already successfully used by many of our customers. 

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