Solutions: E-bills

Send, receive and pay invoices electronically.

The advantages of e-billing are obvious. With our customised solution, you save time and money in the long run. An e-bill works simply, quickly and accurately. Potential sources of error, such as missing or lost invoices, are reduced, as is the time it takes to send them. Costs for postage and shipping are eliminated and the ecological footprint is minimised.

Save time and reduce costs with e-bills.

Invoices and other paper documents are a thing of the past with our EDI solutions. Regardless of the industry, we ensure a smooth electronic data exchange that minimises manual effort and optimises invoicing processes.


With our solution, we enable you to process VAT-compliant e-invoices. The e-bill can be transferred directly to your customers' online banking. In this way, you enable a high level of convenience in the payment of invoices, which significantly increases cash flow as well as customer satisfaction.

Solutions as individual as your needs.

Our experts from the PENTAG EDI team are true code artists and deliver suitable solutions for your invoicing channel. Because of our industry independence, we can respond flexibly to the increasingly demanding requirements in the supply chain.


For your electronic invoices, the invoicing party's data is transformed into the desired format on our gateway, encrypted and finally delivered to the invoice recipient securely signed.


The next step towards the digitalisation of invoice channels leads this way: