Solutions: Maintenance software

MAIN-TOOL. Designing maintenance processes in a simple and efficient way.

Manufacturing companies need to keep a special eye on their production facilities, as ensuring productivity and quality is of enormous importance in order to remain competitive. Unintended plant failures lead to high costs and production losses. With MAIN-TOOL, GLI Business Solutions has developed maintenance software that optimizes and digitalizes processes, helping to ensure high technical availability of equipment.

State-of-the-art maintenance planning at the highest level

To efficiently plan and use machinery, materials, and employees, and to discover and utilize potential savings, a powerful maintenance planning system is required.


MAIN-TOOL makes maintenance more efficient. The maintenance software uncovers weaknesses in your maintenance and optimizes your know-how and thus makes more targeted use of your strengths.

Future-proof facilities thanks to MAIN-TOOL

MAIN-TOOL is the optimal solution to quickly and competently enable not only maintenance itself, but also complete technical plant management. This reduces equipment downtime and increases its service life.


Thanks to integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and modular design, maintenance processes can be improved and digitized future-proof.


MAIN-TOOL thinks ahead: For example, maintenance activities are suggested based on comprehensive measurement data.


More information can be found on the MAIN-TOOL website: