We connect
the pearls
of IT

Perfect business solutions do not work on their own, their quality benefits from a combination of high levels of expertise. The brilliance of the best companies are combined in collana IT into IT intelligence across different sectors. Ideal solutions that interact and allow all the components of our alliance to shine – that is good for customers, good for employees and therefore good for partner businesses.

Solutions and Services


The digital value added chain is comprehensive: ERP, CRM, data analytics and cloud services gain from separate AI know-how and tactical human resources management. In brief, by collaborating with specialist partner businesses who not only want to make their software products better themselves, but primarily the results for customers together, and benefits and opportunities for their employees.

Business Story


The tasks in IT are highly specialised, and experts can seek out challenges in a narrow market. Our combined Employer Brand stands for the power of an employer brand which can offer these specialists more – security and strong growth under one roof, that offers a multitude of prospects.

Employer Branding


What we have combined also fits together well: our businesses are individual masters of their trade, and working together they are a valuable ensemble. We do not have to talk about synergy effects, because we have purposefully composed our group so that all participants in various areas cover the same value added chain. The joint approach is high-level – but also the intersections that complement each other.

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