collana Data Analytics. Turning data into information.

collana Data Analytics makes it possible to merge, analyse and evaluate very large volumes of data from different sources. This allows patterns, trends and correlations to be identified, enabling informed decisions and improving efficiency. In day-to-day business, this leads to increased productivity, lower costs and better customer satisfaction.


We actively support you, either in setting up or expanding your data-driven business, with the aim of enabling your company to tap into new markets, optimise processes and improve products and customer loyalty. We support you in methodically recovering your valuable data treasures, cleansing them and utilising them with other sources.



Recognise connections, act effectively.

Gain a competitive edge with collana Data Analytics:

Optimised marketing

Initiate targeted marketing campaigns for customer retention and new customer acquisition on the basis of sound data.

New sales opportunities

Optimise the product portfolio and pricing. Take a comprehensive look at customer behaviour, market segments and growth potential.

Intelligent customer relationship

Analyse customer behaviour and customer relationships efficiently and identify risks of customer churn in good time.

Flexible decisions

Precise and timely information enables you to make proactive decisions.

Reduced costs

Through the targeted use of data analytics, you can reduce costs by using data-based insights to make processes more efficient and optimise operations.

Improved operational efficiency

Increase your efficiency: Data-based insights help your company to optimise internal and external processes and make well-founded decisions.

We support you right from the start.

We help you to build up and expand your own expertise in the field of business intelligence. We take the first steps with you and take a personalised look at your data and processes. We support you with training, coaching and as a sparring partner. Together, we create a solid, data-driven basis for your decisions. The long-term goal is always for you to operate and expand your solution on your own.

Data analytics: how we support your company's success.

Regardless of whether you want to improve your own expertise in the field of business intelligence and data analytics or build it up from scratch: Our experts will support you with all questions through to the technical setup for the right data analyses. Through workshops and training courses, we make your employees the link between data and business.


Starter package workshop.

In a three-day workshop, all relevant aspects of a data analytics strategy for your company will be developed together with you:


  • Presentation of the most important key figures
  • Identification of the players involved in the BI project
  • Analysis of the data sources
  • Introduction/training in data modelling
  • Development of a data model with Power BI
  • Introduction to visualisation concepts
  • Development of the visualisation
  • Provision of report in Power BI


At the end of our workshop, your company will have a functional result.

Further information for download.

Workshop flyer

Our workshop flyer with information on content, programme and prices.

Workshop Data Analytics starter package

Stefan Feldmann
Head of Data Engineering
& Analytics

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