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collana pay: The unique
omni-payment service for
e-commerce merchants.

Challenges for you as an e-commerce company:

  • Lack of data insights to assess payment process quality or PSP (payment service provider) performance. Lack of evaluations of the really important key figures and metrics in the payment processes as well as comparative variables in the competitive context.
  • High complexity and efforts to connect and operate payment providers and methods in the necessary high quality. This often leads to high costs and time delays with increased project risks.
  • Lack of flexibility in country expansion with new payment methods and PSPs. These cost a lot of money and time to develop or adapt the interfaces.
  • Lock-in effect when using only one PSP. Switching to another PSP with more favorable conditions is difficult and leads to new interfaces.

The solution: collana pay.

The "all-in-one" payment solution as a central platform for all your payment processes.


To keep up with the dynamics of today's e-commerce, you need flexible solutions for the end-to-end implementation of new payment types. collana pay supports multi-PSP and multi-payment types "out of the box" - and makes your payment processes particularly future-proof.

Implement future PSP or payment type changes quickly and easily. Existing connectors for online stores and ERP systems guarantee fast and consistent implementations of your desired payment types.


Insights. Advice. Connectivity.


collana pay is a "multi payment engine" that provides online companies with...

  • comprehensive insights in payment
  • advice in the choice of new providers and
  • immediate access to most relevant payment service providers (PSPs) in e-commerce and retail.

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Oliver Bartl

Director of Business Development


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Central distribution system.

collana pay is designed as an end-to-end process automation between sales channels, the PSPs and Dynamics 365 Business Central. The unique architecture with standardised communication between the connected systems reduces the effort required for future extensions or changes of payment types and providers to a minimum.

Customer benefits

  • Fast go-to-market
  • Flexible payment strategy
  • Data-driven insights
  • Escape the lock-in-effect

All options,
one connection.

Customers using collana pay.

Other features

  • Support for multi-PSP and multi-payment types out of the box.
  • Full integration with D365 Business Central.
  • Fast and easy onboarding through our support.
  • Quick adjustments of payment service provider and payment type.
  • Price-included adjustments for PSP interface changes.
  • Scalable cloud service for optimal performance - at any time.
  • Very reasonable usage fees.
  • Reduced project complexity through standard product.
  • Fast onboarding through standard connectors to store systems*.
  • No interface maintenance to the PSP required.
  • Highest data protection with certified PCI DSS audit.
  • 24/7 technical support.


*Connector-Plugins for Shopware 6, Magento 2 available