Pearls work best together.

One of the fascinating things about the digital world is that ideas can grow quickly. The portfolio of collana IT businesses is unlimited in its scalability. Our business philosophy builds on smart integration of digital technology for any form of specialist sectors, such as, for example, the omni-channel trade. We don't look at the special skills of our individual businesses as separate entities, but as building blocks attuned to each other, the objective of which is a mix of optimum performance and frictionless user experience. Building blocks which accelerate the scaling of your idea.


The modules from Microsoft are the stable individual building blocks with which our developers work with. Through individual adaptations, they thus form solutions for the digital world of modern working environments, cloud migration and special business apps. In addition, we also offer in all areas high-performance and stable interfaces to the most common ERP systems such as:

Solutions and Services

Internet of Things:


The internet is increasingly becoming a hub interconnecting billions of devices in homes and businesses. That gives devices smart functions – and generates opportunities. Sensor and control technologies open up access to further possible usages, but also monitoring and evaluation of IoT devices give rise to new services. With Azure IoT from Microsoft we have the ideal, market-leading cloud platform from Microsoft.

Modern Workplace:


Every single workplace has, for a long time, been much more than a solo workstation. It is much more a digital centre for cooperation and knowledge management. All relevant data from the working environment run together, due to the possibility of data access from everywhere on all terminals. Security, functional scope and ease of operation are all the more important for all users. With Microsoft 365 as a technological basis, the great market potential in the context of an integrated and thoroughgoing software-as-a-service solution is raised.

Business Apps:


The possibilities of digitalisation are not only an advantage for operating processes of medium-sized enterprises – they are a big step into the future. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft's Power Platform form the central business platforms for virtually all areas of the business. Procurement, supply chain, sales, after-sales service, management accounting and finances are seamlessly interconnected into the ERP and CRM platform. With optimum support for data flows inside and outside the business.



Business-critical bottlenecks due to the lack of specialist staff can be avoided by automated approaches for workflows and processes: with Power Automate and Power Apps, simple and nevertheless powerful tools from Microsoft are available, which have been used by numerous specialist users for a long time. So, workflows in all areas of business – each through various connected data sources and services – are sensibly automated.

Data Intelligence and AI:


Data can be analysed and knowledge gained from it. Such as, with the possibility of machine learning, strategic assets are generated for a business. The rapid advancement of this technology and custom-developed AI services provide every business access to advanced knowledge that, until now, was only the preserve of large corporations. In many Microsoft solutions and services, AI is an integral component and, in the future, it will increasingly be entering the everyday digital world. The modern data strategy allows businesses to localise, optimise and network data efficiently.

Cloud Migration:


The migration of existing on-premises resources into the cloud is of further importance to businesses for various reasons. Cost optimisation, availability, scalability, security and simplified administration are the benefits of migration projects. Taking over the operation of complex applications and infrastructures (e.g., dynamics solutions or virtual desktops) from specialised partners, due to the lack of specialist staff, represents a win-win situation for the business customer and Microsoft partners.